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Me Time


We live in an incredibly challenging society, where pressures from all angles are sprung upon us each and every day. There are two ways to deal with these pressures, you can let them make your life gradually more difficult to cope with, or, treat them as a daily challenge. Now, this is easier said than done, but I truly believe that being able to acknowledge them as a challenge is half the fight.


It will be a constant, ever evolving challenge but one that is seriously worth it. It has taken me a long time to understand the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. At times, these hurdles made me feel weaker than ever and I just couldn’t make sense of any of it. However, I realised that it was in my weakest moments that I was learning and evolving the most.


Each hurdle will help you to grow and enhance your knowledge about yourself, your feelings and your coping mechanisms, thus making you a stronger, wiser and more connected person.


At points in my life I have had to make some incredibly difficult decisions, some that at the time seemed like the most selfish thing I could have done. For years the guilt ate away at me until the day I decided to take a step back and reflect. I thought back to the reason for my decisions and looked at where I am today. This process was the beginning of my healing. This reflective thinking enabled me to put the past behind me and made me realise how incredibly important those decisions were at the time for my health and wellbeing.


I have learnt that a major part of the healing process, whether it is mental or physical is the acceptance of the situation itself. Fighting against it or brushing it under the carpet and trying to forget it only means it will crop back up at the most inconvenient times in your life. It might be months or years but it will.

As humans we tend to store so many memories – good and bad. Imagine them as draws in our mind, that open and close as and when different things happen. Each person has a different storage limit but every person does have a limit. When we get to the limit, that’s when things get really tough and when all of our boxes are open at once and overflow out. Now the trouble is that society tells us that this is a bad thing, makes us feel guilty about overflowing, that it’s not normal. BUT IT IS. Completely normal. The computer has overloaded and it’s just crashed, it needs to be rebooted.


The important thing is to remember this analogy when times are hard and to not allow yourself to feel guilty about it. Your body is telling you that it’s had enough, you need to offload. There are so many ways to manage these situations and being aware is the first huge step. Understanding yourself and your limitations as a human is incredibly important. Talking time for yourself, having Me Time. Doing things that help you heal, whether it means leaving your comfort zone, experimenting with new experiences, having a holiday or going on a soothing retreat.


You might think that you have nothing to heal but we all do. Scars that might be deep down from years ago are still there, whether you are aware of them or not. Our subconscious works in mysterious ways and these things resurface at various times in our lives. That’s when you must take the time to acknowledge them and start the healing process.


I have found that surrounding myself in conducive environments, with people who I respect and who respect and understand me has really helped. I’ve also realised that the most supportive community has been at the tip of my fingers for so many years but I never knew it. The yoga community has been instrumental in my healing. They are the most welcoming community I have ever come across. Perfect strangers have helped me more at times than the people I love and that in itself is incredible. Their outlook on life is truly an inspiration and these perfect strangers have become friends and confidants.


I have taken the time – Me Time, to learn all of these things and have had to be proactive about my healing which has been incredibly difficult at time but I’m so grateful for how it has changed my life.


I have taken the time – Me Time to learn these things about myself and the coping mechanisms that we will all need at some point in our lives. Being proactive about your healing will be incredibly difficult at times but it will also completely transform your life through putting you on the path to rediscovery and deeper understanding.


I believe it is so important for each and every person to have Me Time. Never feel guilty about taking time out for yourself, being creative and finding space. You will not be able to fully and unconditionally help others if you do not first take the time to help yourself.


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